Institute of the Law of the Sea

The Instituteof the Law of the Sea was founded in 1980 as a research institution OceanUniversity of China. The principal tasks of the institute include the researchof national and international public Law of the Sea and of EnvironmentalProtection Law.

Research isdirected towards the area of Law of the Sea, which is based on the UnitedNations Convention on the Law of the Sea of 10 December 1982, which came intoeffect in 1994, and on the establishment of the legal system of China’s marine environmental protection law. Researcher group of the institute of law of thesea has done the Analysis the Function of ‘Marine Environmental Protection Law(enacted in 1982) , the function of which is to investigate the current legalsystem influencing marine Environmental protection and to put  foreword suggestions for its further improvement.The group worked for 16years (1997-2013) providing a series of ConsultationReports to the State Council and other governmental departments. For example :

The adopting ofthe “Sea area Use Law of China “

The Drafting ofthe Island Protection Law of China”;

The establishmentof the “ Basic law of the sea of China”

The analysis of laws on the Bohai Sea ect.

The case study of the Tasman Sea OilTanker Oil Spill  and  the ConocoPhillips  Oil Spill in the Bohai Sea Etc.”.