Sustainable Development and Environmental Law Academy


Sustainable Development and Environmental Law Academy (SELI) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization composed ofpeople who care about environmental protection. It is founded by Ocean Universityof China (OUC), approved by Environmental Protection Bureau of Shandong, andregistered in Department of Civil Affairs of Shandong. Professor XU Xiangmin,Dean of Law School of OUC, serves as director of the Academy.

The mission of SELI is to promote academicresearch, raise public awareness and serve the society. The Academy isconsisted of several divisions, including Environmental Policy and LawDivision, Coastal Zone Management and Marine Environmental Protection Division, Resources Management and Law Division, Environmental Education and Propaganda Division etc. Those divisions aim to enhance the theoretical and practicalstudy and propaganda of sustainable development; the study of environmental law theories, legislations and implementations; and the social service in the fieldof environmental and resources protection.

SELI will impel the further development ofenvironmental and resources protection law through meaningful activities, includinginternational and domestic academic exchange, participating into academicresearch project and publishing monograph and thesis etc. It is believed that theAcademy will take the lead in carrying out the scientific development theoryand make great contributions to the careers of building a harmonious society,improving environmental protection and deepening the study of environmental law.


School of Law and Political Science

Ocean University of China

No. 238, Songling Road,

Qingdao, P.R.C. 266100

Tel: 86-532-66781253

Email: seli@ouc.edu.cn