About the SLPS

School of Law & Political Science of the OUC

The School of Law and Political Science enjoys a priority in the development of the OUC's art and social science. The major of law is a national specialty with great characteristics and also a distinguished major in Shandong province. The environmental & natural resources law and sociology are two key academic disciplines of Shandong Province. The school is qualified to grant Doctor of Judicial Science and Master degrees of Law, Political Science, Public Administration and Sociology, and also has the authority to grant Juris Master degree and MPA. Meanwhile there is a Post Doctoral Station of Law based in the school.

The school is consisted of four administrative units, including departments of Law, Political Science and Public Administration, and the Institute of Sociology. The Supreme People's Court set up a theoretical research base of marine judicial protection in the school. The School also has many other academic research institutes ran by the school itself, such as the Institute for Law of the Sea, the Institute for Environmental Law and Ecological Civilization, the Center for Law of Insurance, the Center forLocal Legislation Studies, the Institute for International Studies, the Institute for Polar Politics and Law, the Institute for Ocean and Social Development, the Institute for Politics of the sea and the Institute for Law and Social Science. Besides that, there are some other education and academic service units in the school, such as the Office of International Education, the Center of Marine Law Documents and the Editorial Department and so on.

The school enjoys a great faculty graduated from distinguished universities of China and abroad, including 1 Taishan Scholar, 3 Professors of Fanrong Project, 3 young scholars of Yingcai Project, and 4 new century talents of Ministry of Education, 1 middle-aged expert with great contribution of Shandong, 2 distinguished middle-aged jurists of Shandong, 1 foreign teacher. The school has opened its mind and set up a lot of academic connections with overseas universities from the UK, France, the US, Australia, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. On the issue of education practice, the school has plenty of cooperation with China's central and local People's Congress, government, Judicial offices, court, custom and some enterprises. Furthermore, due to school's contribution, the OUC became the first university which is a member of the Arctic University Alliance in China mainland.

The school is providing more and more social service with great influence, such as taking part in some key national legislation; building the think tank of Polar Regions and Deep Sea; investigating China's social situation. Bases on that work, the school has already published many influential reports, blue books such as the Report of Arctic Development, the Report of the development of China's environmental law system, the Blue Book of Oceanic Development; created Marine Sociology Sub-committee of China Society of Sociology, the Research Society of Environmental & Natural Resources Law of Shandong Society of Law, the Research Society of Insurance Law of Shandong Society of Law, the Research Society of Public Administration of Qingdao. We also have a website for the environmental & natural resources law of China (http://www.7265.cn)

In the period of the 12th Five-Year Plan, the school had made great achievement in academic studies, especially in the field of marine social science. There are 23 national projects, 1 major project of the Ministry of Education, 2 cultivation projects of social science from the Ministry of Education, and more than 50 ministry and province grade projects, 5 international cooperation programs, published more than 200 CSSCI articles, including 2 articles in China Social Science. They also published more than 50 books and finished more than 50 reports, earned 1 the Third Prize of academic studies from the Ministry of Education, 2 the First Prize of academic studies from Shandong Province, 3 the Second Prize of academic studies from Shandong Province, 5 the Third Prize of academic studies from Shandong Province.

In the period of the 13th Five-Year Plan, the School of Law and Political Science is working hard to the aim of building a high level research and teaching school with distinctive characteristics and great reputation both in China and abroad.