Ocean Law, Society and Management


Ocean Law, Society and Management (OLSM) is therepertoire of the current academic writings on maritime humanities and socialscience published once every year since 2009. Vol.1-3 are published by OceanPress, and by Social Sciences Academic Press since Vol.4. Vol.5 will bepublished on April 2014. Focusing on the research of maritime law, maritimesociology, maritime management, maritime industry and other researches onmaritime humanities and social science, the OLSM is designed to gatheroutstanding achievements from home and abroad as much as possible. Emphasizingthe significance of both theoretical exploration and empirical research, theOLSM is supposed to promote the development of Chinese Maritime Law, MaritimeSociology and Maritime Management science and provide a professional platformfor specialists in this area.

The OLSM is jointly hosted by Law & Politics School, OceanUniversity of China. Professor Xu Xiangmin, the dean of Law & PoliticsSchool, OUC is the chief editor of OLSM.  Professor Liu Huirong, Professor Cui Feng,Professor Wang Qi and Professor Cao Wenzhen are chief editors of four columnsof OLSM.