Department of Law

  Department of Law is one of the three major programs provided by Schoolof Law & Political Science. Supported by the strong multi-disciplines in ocean, management and humanity, the Law Program aims to train legal practitioners with good quality, comprehensive knowledge structure, rich legal knowledge and enhanced social practice ability to meet the requirements oflegislative body, administrative body, judicial body, law firm, institution of higher education, research institute and legal service organizations. Granted by Ministry of Education, Department of Law has a post-doctor program and has the authority to launch Legal PhD Programs. It has doctor programs inenvironmental law, international law, legal jurisprudence and criminal law,master programs in environmental and natural resources law, international law,constitutional law and administrative law, economic law and criminal law.Department of Law has an outstanding faculty team, which is mainly composed ofyoung teachers with doctor degree. Among the 40 faculty members, there are 12professors, 10 associate professors; 1 professor is titled with Tai Mt.Scholar, 1 professor is supported by the Young Talent Project, and threeprofessors are on the list of Ten Young & Outstanding Legal Professors ofShandong Province. More than 30 faculty members have doctor degree and morethan ten faculty members have experience study or visit abroad. Many of themare appointed as guest professor, adjunct professor, researcher by organizationsof higher education and research institute.