Information Engineering Center

Information Engineering Center belongs to the College of Information Science and Engineering. Its main functions include teaching, research and technology result conversion. Directed by Prof. Ding, the center is consisted of Embedded Technology Lab, Intelligent Technology Lab, Enterprise information Technology and Application Lab. It is the support organization of Qingdao Modern Service Industry Digital Engineering R&D Lab, Qingdao RFID Lab, and Qingdao E-commerce Technology R&D Lab. The center also stands for the committee member of Qingdao Manufacturing Information Engineering Union.


The center owns the accredited doctorate-granting station of Computer Application Technology. It collaborates with Qingdao E-commerce Association, Qingdao IoT Union, Qingdao Manufacturing Information Engineering Union, and leading enterprises such as Haier and Hisense, to build a technological innovation platform. By running major national and local projects and taking international academic communication, the center has attracted and assembled a large number of senior personnel.


Disciplines construction is the mission target of the center. Relying on technological innovation mechanism, it has taken a number of national key technology research program in emerging industries, and has received significant achievements in software engineering and artificial intelligence.


The center engages in theoretical explorations and technology research, meanwhile, it focuses on technological result transferring. It cooperates with large enterprises on technology research and development, and brought considerable economic benefits for the enterprise.