Ocean Technology

The Department of Ocean Technology (DOT) was established in 2008. The department has been concentrating to the talent-development on the specialty of the ocean detection and information technology on the basis of the National Characteristic Specialty Program, Ocean technology. DOT offers the distinguished professor positions of Cheung Kong Scholar’s Program by the Ministry of Education of China in the ocean remote sensing and the Tai Shan Scholar in the cartography and geographic information. The department offers two doctoral degrees including ocean detection Technology and marine GIS, and offers six Master degree programs including acoustics, ocean detection technology, photogrammetry and remote Sensing, cartography and geography information system, physical geography, surveying and mapping engineering. A three-dimensional ocean detection platform and marine information storage, mining and sharing platform have been established in DOT, which is mainly based on the Engineering Research Center of Marine Materials and Protection Technology, Ministry of Education. The department aims at developing a competitive research team at an international level and endeavor to approach the world-leading academic research. The department has approximately 30 faculty members in all areas of marine technology that it covers. There are approximately 300 undergraduate students and 100 graduate students in the department.