About CISE

College of Information Science and Engineering of Ocean University of China can be traced back to 1930 when the Department of Physics in College of Science in National Qingdao University was established at that time. Since 1930, many famous physicists such as Jang Deshou, Wang Jinchang, Wang Pu, GuoYicheng, Su Xingbei, Zhou Beiping and Yang Youfan had been teaching in this college in past years.

In 1958 summer, Shandong University was moved to Jinan and the Department of Physics was leaved partly in Qingdao. Department of Marine Physics was established in March, 1959, and it was one of the earliest five departments when Shandong College of Oceanography was established in 1959.

With the vigorous development of our university, the Department of Marine Physics was adjusted to two departments, one is the Department of Physics and the other is Department of Electronic Engineering in 1992. In 1994, College of Technical Science was reorganized and consists of three departments including physics, electronic engineering and computer science. In 1999, the college was renamed as College of Information Science and Engineering. Nowadays, the college has five departments including physics, electronic engineering, computer science and technology, marine technology and the center of information engineering.

In our college, we have 196 faculty and staff including 23 doctoral supervisors, 36 professors, 46 associate professors, and 116 teachers (about 59% of all the teachers) with PhD degree. Our college owns Yangtze River scholars award program of the Ministry of Education for marine remote sensing science, and Shandong Taishan scholars program for Cartography and Geographic Information Systems. Three well-known domestic and foreign scholars have been employed as a distinguished professor. Among the faculty and staff in our college, nine professors have been awarded as the special allowances offered by State Council. One professor has obtained the support of the National Outstanding Youth Foundation of National Science Foundation (NSF). Five professors have been supported by the new-century program of ministry of education, and many other professors have obtained different provincial and national awards such as the awards of youth science of China, the awards of youth science of Shandong province, the national young and middle-aged expert, the provincial young and middle-aged expert, Qingdao specialized technical talent, the award for the best ten outstanding youth in Shandong province and etc.