Review of the Party history and looking towards the future the Party activities of teachers Party branch of our college in 2014




In order to celebrate the 93th birthday of Chinese Communist Party and strengthen the creation of a learning Party organization, the members of teachersParty branch of college of Food Science and Engineering visited the Party History Memorial Hall of Qingdao.


Firstly, our Party members watched the film recoding the Party History of Qingdao, and visited the memorial hall to. The Party members felt the glory and difficult developing history of our Party by visiting the precious historical records and relics. Secondly, the ceremony for the admission of the teacher of Nasha Mi to be our Party member was held. Thirdly, Hong Lin the Secretary of our Party member gave the members a speech about the current developing environment of China and the world to encourage our Party members to keep working hard for the future of our county and our college. (Article/Figure: Xiaoting Fu)