Prof. Bennett, Prof. Nierman, and Dr. Yu visited our college




The academician of National Academy of Sciences of USA, and Associate Vice President of Rutgers Univesity, Prof. Joan W. Bennett visited our college on May 25. Prof. William Nierman from J. Craig Venter Institute and Dr. Jiujiang Yu from USDA accompanied Prof. Bennett to visit.

Prof. Bennett, Prof. Nierman and Dr. Yu gave us 6 talks related to introduction of fungal research, fungal model systems, marine fungi, fungal genomics, mycotoxin and food safety in the afternoon of May 27 and May 28. More than 50 faculties and students attended this symposium and discussed with the three scientists.

After this symposium, Prof. Bennett, Prof. Nierman and Dr. Yu communicated the students training and cooperation with School of Food Science and Engineering, College of Fishery Sciences, College of Marine Biosciences, and College of Medicine and Pharmaceuticals, and College of Physical and Environmental Oceanography. (Article/Figure: Kong Qing)