In College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, we offer two undergraduate programs forbachelor’s degree. One is Chemistry (including Marine Chemistry) and the otheris Chemical Engineering.

The program in chemistry is to provide rigorous education in the fundamental areas of chemical knowledge and experimentation, which enables an excellentpreparation for careers in many different areas of chemistry. We also provide a Marine Chemistry-oriented program. In addition to fundamental chemicalknowledge and experimentation, courses such as chemical oceanography, sea-wateranalysis and marine environmental chemistry are also required for this program.The Chemistry Major is designed both for students planning to go on to graduatestudy, and for those intending to pursue professional careers in chemistry or arelated field. The Marine Chemistry Major is also for those would like to findtheir careers in oceanography and environmental protection.

The program in chemical engineering is to prepare students to master physical,chemical, and biological processes, engineering design, and synthesis skills; andexercise leadership in industries such as chemical engineering and technology, refinery,metallurgy, energy resources, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and alsoin academia, management and government in terms of technological, economic, andsocial issues. The program is also for students planning to go on to graduatestudy.