Study Abroad

Exploring and implementing the integrated model of education, disciplinary development and scientific research based on international cooperation, OUC has conducted joint educational programs with world prestigious universities to promote the education of high-level international innovative professionals. The Sino-German Initiative in Marine Sciences has made it possible to transfer the credit with the European universities in oceanography and fisheries. The joint Ph.D. program between OUC and Texas A&M University has brought about new breakthroughs in the collaboration of higher learning between China and the U.S. An international graduate program in aquaculture and fishery resources has been established between OUC and Auburn University. Under a Sino-European framework agreement, OUC has succeeded in establishing joint doctoral programs in aquaculture and fisheries science with well-known universities in Norway, the Netherlands and Belgium. OUC also collaborates with University of East Anglia, the University of Alabama, University of Missouri-Columbia and University of Tasmania in running joint programs for undergraduate students.

In addition, the university makes good use of the international cooperation networks to carry out short-term student exchange programs, which allow the university’s undergraduate students to study at more than 20 overseas universities for at least one semester.